wet woes

by hardly flesh

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    its pretty good, i swear
    ac snow gets 100% credit for the cover art, and emma varco helped with the last track ;)

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released May 31, 2015



all rights reserved


hardly flesh Baltimore, Maryland

my name's harley french, and i'm just a queer teen artist with lots of feelings.

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Track Name: overachiever (and out of tune)
how many instruments can you play? i can play a few
i can even play out-of-tune ones too
oh ohh ohhhhhhh ohh
have you ever wanted to be the best at everything?
i can relate, i do too
i do-ooooo-oooh
Track Name: if i were a dog
original by beyonce

if i were a dog - even just for a day
id be so very grateful that all id have to do was play
id be nice to the girls; id be nice to the boys
i wouldnt bark very loudly; i wouldnt hurt yr ears w my noise

if i were a dog - i could sleep all the time
i wouldnt have to shower, and id always look fine
id have all my dog friends, but we wouldnt talk much
i hope i wouldnt be conscious of sniffing all of those butts

if i were a dog - no more high school for me
no one could ask me what i'll do eventually
i could go to gross hideouts without fear of bugs
and strangers would smile at me and give me impromptu hugs

someone please make me into a dog - that's all i wanna be
a warm soft floor and some food, that's all i would need
dont ya wanna be a dog? i understand if you do
things would be so much easier for me and you
Track Name: numb
honeybear, sweetiepie, why're you so sad all the time?
just flushed the condom down the drain
i didnt feel any shame

looked deep in your eyes with [yr] pupils blown wide
starting to think you love me
but i didnt feel anything

watched you walking out the door
didn't want you too, of course
but i didnt do anything
Track Name: happiness writes red
i sang my ex love songs in fifth period
why do i fuck everything up?
you let me do anything in the end
im to tired to pretend that i don't love you

pick me up take me to the mall
walk with me through school halls
we'll both be late for class
how long will this thing last?

you know happiness writes white, doll, but our love
writes blood red

darling i used to feel so alone
now i never am if i have my phone
id drop everything for you
there's nothing i wouldnt do
i love you

i could give you a milllion orgasms
and i probably still wouldn't be satisfied
be mine
Track Name: ill b alright (mayb)
dont talk to me like im crazy, even though i am
i'm always going to be wrong
i feel like i cant do most things that i used to love
drawing is one of those things
and singing is one of those things
yeah theres a lot of things i cant do
and one of them is you

i wish i could change things in my life
i wish i would always do whats right

but im a fucking kid and i cant make a difference
i am full of shit and youre all full of indifference
so lets write new songs, and scrap all the old ones
we'll right our wrongs and try a little harder

see i hate myself but we're stuck together and i cant get away
i hate myself and the things i have to say
ill kill off the the parts that i dont like
ill restart, reset, and retry

i wish i could change things in my life
i wish i would always do whats right
but maybe if i try a little harder
maybe i could try a little harder
and ill b alright
Track Name: hot dad (ft. emma varco)
recorded in the library during period 5